How does it work?

The first two weeks are given
virtual and the third
week is in person.

You can sign up on a week by
week basis upon availability.

The third week will be offered in
person as soon as the COVID-19
Travel Restrictions are lifted.

Week 1

Currently offered virtually. In this week, students will:

  • Understand disadvantaged communities in Mexico.
  • Shadow professionals
  • Learn basic Spanish expressions
  • Learn formal Medical Spanish and the slang references
  • Meet Medical Students from ......

Price: This week is $800.

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Week 2

Currently offered virtually. In this week, students will: 

  • Learn specific questions about  bodily 
    systems such as the Respiratory system, Cardiovascular system, Nervous system, among others 
  •  Learn about telemedicine
  • Meet real and simulated patients in rural communities
  • Differences between the healthcare ....
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Week 3

Will be in person in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. In this week, students will:

  • Have a hands-on experience that allows them to apply everything they learned in the two previous weeks with real patients and doctors
  • Meet their host family in person and have dinner with them daily....

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*A Certificate of Completion will be provided from one of the best medical schools in Northern Mexico, Universidad Xochicalco and CENEU by the end of the course.

Aboard the three week journey.

Gain knowledge and international friendships that will last a lifetime!For more information, contact CENEU, Universidad Xochicalco’s International Affairs Office in San Diego.

Ask us about the scholarship option.

Calendar of the first week

Learn to estabilish rapport with your patient. In the Doctor - Patient Unit, you will learn to greet, empathize and have conversations with your patients in Spanish

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Calendar of the second week

Understand pathologies. Once you learn to establish rapport, it is crucial to understand what is happening to your patient internally.

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Please provide us with:

Welcome kit

Course materials

Community exposure to underserved communities


Course completion certificate

Shadowing doctors

Completion of 7 Core Competencies

Glossary for common words and phrases

Meeting Mexican medical students

Refund Policy

If the program is cancelled due to COVID-19 statewide stay-at-home order and health department restrictions on gathering and social distancing

CENEU will provide full refunds to clients. Students will be able to choose between keeping the credit with CENEU for the Program once shelter in place is lifted and new dates are determined, or a full refund that will be mailed in the form of a check to each student. Our accounting department will contact each student to let them know when to expect the check and confirm mailing address.

If client is unable to attend the Program for personal reason, CENEU will refund:

100% of total cost of program if written notice of cancellation is received 25 calendar days prior to course date.
60% of total cost of program if written notice of cancellation is received 24 to 8 calendar days prior to course date.
There will be no refund if cancellation is received 7 days or less prior to course date

Written notification of cancellation.
Accounting Department contact information:

Please use subject line: “Summer Program (year) cancellation – Full Name” (student requesting refund).
Briefly explain reason for cancellation.