Who we are:

CENEU is an international education organization based out of San Diego, California. We are borne out of the fascinating bicultural and binational Cali-Baja border region and passionate about serving as a bridge connecting students, educators, professionals and institutions across borders, cultures and languages. We partner with universities and entities primarily in Mexico and the United States and offer a variety of courses, trips and immersion opportunities that facilitate mutually beneficial relationships, broaden the horizons and deepen the intercultural awareness of our participants, and offer collaborators the ability to develop international connections, professional relationships, and service and research projects in a dynamic and unique way.

International collaborations:

We collaborate with universities globally, particularly Baja California’s Universidad Xochicalco (UX), a private and non-profit university in Mexico with campuses in Ensenada, Tijuana and Mexicali. Founded 46 years ago, it offers 15 Bachelor’s degree programs, 20 Master’s Programs and 2 Doctorate programs across a variety of fields including Medicine, Nursing, Optometry, Nutrition, Psychology, Law, Criminal Justice, International Business, Business Administration, Education, Architecture, Design, Communication, Public Relations, Marketing, and more. Universidad Xochicalco is known for its academic excellence, practical and experiential learning, and thriving campus life, and welcomes domestic and international students from all over Mexico, Latin America, the United States and worldwide. CENEU facilitates academic, cultural and research collaborations between students and faculty at Universidad Xochicalco and other universities. We also offer support in the application process to academic programs at UX for international students and student loans to attend UX.

Our specializations:

Our current offerings include our Medical Spanish Immersion Program, our Spanish Immersion & Mexican Culture Immersion Program, our IMG (International Medical Graduate) Mentorship Program for IMGs preparing to work and practice in the U.S., international clinical rotations in Mexico, and virtual courses and private lessons for students of all backgrounds to learn and practice conversational as well as specialized Spanish.

Beyond this, we offer international and higher education consulting (facilitating student exchanges, faculty international sabbatical placements, and faculty or department-wide collaborations, fieldwork opportunities and research projects). We also offer specialized, up-to-date educational and healthcare equipment and supplies.

Throughout over 15 years of experience as a leader in international education,
CENEU has served as a cultural liaison between many countries, primarily the United States and Mexico, managing a spectrum of operations and international affairs for universities and institutions across the globe. Beyond our existing programs and collaborations, through our consulting we work with each client to understand their particular needs and analyze the best possible strategies and solutions to face the challenges of tomorrow’s ever-changing and ever-connected world.

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