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We are an entity in San Diego, California with the mission of facilitating international education.

We provide support to private companies, universities and students so they successfully face the challenges of tomorrow's world.







International Consulting


As the world continues to globalize, international education continues to transcend borders.

Our affiliation with numerous education institutions in Spain, Italy, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and the United States has allowed us to connect with some of the most pronounced education experts in the world




Specialized School Equipment and Supplies

We have access to an extensive supplier’s database in the United States, our suppliers have gone through a thorough screening process so we can procure and provide quality products at competitive prices.

We not only provide tailored prOducts and resources to companies and educational institutions but we also offer consulting services so that they keep up with the latest trends. 

With over 15 years of experience in the Education industry,
CENEU has serve d as a cultural liaison between many
countries, including the United States and Mexico, managing
a spectrum of operations and international affairs for
Universities and Institutions across the globe.

Over the years, we have witnessed the impact of international

Hence, we have established multicultural interrelationships
and partnerships for the benefit of global education.

Our vast experience and highly skilled consultants provide
us with a competitive advantage. We work with each client
to understand their particular needs and analyze the best
possible strategy and solution that allows us to face the
challenges of tomorrow’s ever changing world.

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Global Education Resources:
Medical Spanish Immersion Program 

International Consulting 
Exchange academic know-how 
Connect talents and International Recruitment 
Take advantage of innovating technology 
Cybersecurity solutions for the education platforms 
Software Solutions 
Specialized School Equipment and Supplies 
We can help you finance your studies through our Competitive student loan options! 

Save time and money when hiring new employees
International Consulting
Reduce administration and operational costs
Connect talents and International Recruitment
International Marketing Strategies for your brand
Strategic financial management solutions
Optimize your Online Information