Our MedSpanish Crash Courses are designed as an introduction to (CC #1) and continuation (CC #2-4) of Medical Spanish terminology and patient interviews in Spanish. It's taught virtually by an experienced bilingual and native-Spanish speaker M.D. and Medical School professor from our partner university in Mexico, Universidad Xochicalco, over the course of an hour and a half weekly for 8 weeks. Our courses are very hands-on in terms of speaking practice as we believe this is how students best progress and gain confidence: the first half of each class is theory-based and the latter half is comprised of guided student speaking practice (provider-patient interactions and role plays). We also have bilingual staff present in every class helping to transcribe, and when necessary, translate content through the chat and clarify any questions as needed. As part of the Crash Course, students have access to various resources including class presentations, notes, recordings, transcriptions, an extensive MedSpanish Student Manual and Workbook, and will receive a Course Certificate upon completion.

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